About Us

My Body Building Network is a one stop bodybuilding website for all fitness related topics, supplements, advice, and best practices. Our first and foremost strategy is to unite likeminded people globally so that you may start groups, meet people with similar interests, or just simply find a new workout partner.

Our goal is to bring fitness enthusiasts together and share ideas, best practices, and most importantly unification. We have created unique environment for aspiring amateur/novice bodybuilders to take their first steps in becoming noticed. Our aim is to create a virtual stage where the amateur/novice can gauge their bodybuilding efforts, gain valuable knowledge, build confidence and be rewarded by your peers. We also have a full community for those just starting out, looking just to trim up, or those who aspire to one day walk on the big stages of competition.

At My Body Building Network, we want your uploaded bodybuilding profile to be impartially reviewed and rated against your fellow men and woman bodybuilders. There are no intimidating judges or live audiences to face and professionals have a section of their own where the My Bodybuilding Network community can rate them and enjoy all that they bring to the sport.

Through this site we want members to interact, discuss and learn about all topics relevant to Fitness. It is here where we want you to enjoy and find info related to exercise, diet, supplementation, tanning, music, photo shoots, posing and judging. No matter what body type, goal, age, or stature you are at in your fitness quests, we offer likeminded people just like you a bonding partnership to share, grow, and develop from.

Take the first step to achieving your goals, and register with the largest online community in the world. My Bodybuilding Network. It is here that your shared dedication is our passion!