With the announcement of the death of Rich Piana

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    Harry Hayfield

    closely preceded by the death of Dallas McCarver and before that the death of a bodybuilder with a genetic condition who could not process protein, I would like to know how many members agree with me that there needs to be an inquiry (ideally led by the bodybuilding federations, but if they are unwilling to then government led) to ensure that bodybuilders and the like (people who train to ensure that they become healthy) live long and healthy lives compared to the average such as Eugene Sandow (10 years longer than average), Steve Reeves (15 years longer than average).

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    Brad Collins

    Both Rich and Dallas died in the same week. For sure a massive blow to the bodybuilding scene, especially just a few weeks before the Olympia. May they both RIP.

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    Doug Hampton

    At a total loss for words. Never would have thought that not just one icon fell, but two. Dallas was on the fore front of launching into a monster career. Rich was an iconic figure in the fitness arena, and motivated an entire generation. He was about the most honest guy out there about his steroid use, diet, training, and basically just told it like it was. He will be missed, and may he rest in peace.

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    Its beyond tragic to loose one, but to loose two in the same week is just a horse pill. I knew both of them personally and have met them at several events. both of them were stand up dudes and very cool cats. honest and full of energy devoted to their trade. They past way before their time, but their legacy will live on.

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    Walter Therman

    Its never a good week when bad news travels in pairs. Having both of these icons fall in the same week was beyond tragic. They were both very influential in the fitness community, but polar opposites. Rich was very open about his gear, cycles, and ramped steroid use, where as Dallas was much more refined. They both offered awesome advice to any and all. They will be missed, but never forgotten.

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