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    Sion Evans Fitness opened its doors in 2015 and therefore will be celebrating its fourth birthday in 2018. The gym is located next to a mobility assessment centre that used to be a garage (with the gym itself being a vehicle testing unit). Sion is a local lad and started the gym following the completion of BSc in Sport & Exercise Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC), where he graduated with a 2:1 and uses that knowledge to help those people who take out personal training sessions to explain not only what exercises they should do for a certain thing, but also what those exercises do. Sion has a personal interest in health as he is a Type one Diabetic (generally speaking a genetic condition) and often researches how exercise and diet and be used as treatment for the condition.

    The gym itself is divided into two levels. The upper level has a single changing room, about six lockers and a cardio section (two rowing machines and two bicycles) where as the lower section is weights (with a combination of free and machine weights including dumbbells ranging from 3kg – 50kg (7lbs to 110lbs), kettlebells ranging from 4kg to 40kg (9lbs to 88lbs), over a thousand kilogrammes (nearly two and a half thousand pounds) of weight plates, and a cable machine that ranges from 3kg to 99kg (7lbs to 218lbs) with some tyres when the weather permits.

    The gym is open 24/7 for members and membership ranges from a regular monthly payment of £25 ($34) to an annual payment of £220 ($300). If you take this option the key card needed to gain access is free of charge but are charged at £5 ($7) apiece if lost.

    Overall I believe it is a marvellous gym. All of the people who use it are very friendly and will happily offer their own thoughts on exercises and fitness in general and Sion is always ready to be a spotter during a personal training session, therefore I would recommend it to both beginners and powerhouses. ****

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