Is hand positioning and posture important while jumping rope?

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    I am an experienced jump roper (I thought so till now) since I do 2000 jump ropes a day with 200 jumps per set with 1 min rest in between and can do pretty fast jumping at 100+ jumps in 30 seconds. I thought of taking a video to have a look at my posture and turns out that my left arm goes far away from my torso and the left forearm goes down while I am spinning the rope. The right arm and hand perfectly align and the posture looks good (just like how the professionals do it). My dominant hand is right, if that matters.

    I tried moving my left hand towards my torso and raising the left forearm and I am not able to jump rope (not without pain) and not even close to the speed I could do earlier.

    I was just wondering if posture is important while jumping rope and will it cause any longterm damage if I continue my way or I should just treat jump rope as a cardio and don’t worry much about the hand position if I am able to jump properly?

    Please help.
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    Posture can be when you hit double jumps and double spin through such as what you see boxers do. When I do rope work, I also will mix in cross overs so that I am also stimulating my upper chest and middle chest. Wrist control and arm strength play a vital role when your using ropes.

    The whole benefit to jumping rope is that your HIIT cardio. your elevating your heart rate and getting it into the sustained kill zone of 140 pretty much quicker than most other forms of cardio. The benefit is that your VO2 levels increase, blood flow is constant and throughout the whole body, and your THR levels go up rapidly so your burning more calories and fat.

    I wouldnt say that this is something that would cause long term damage as your not really raising your legs too far and putting too much stress on the joints or knees. Walking puts just as much stress on the body as jumping rope, so I think your safe.


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