Corporate pricing for in-house personal training and group classes

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    Recently I was asked by a friend within a large company to do in-house fitness classes and possibly one-on-one personal training. I mulled it over and said yes, the only trouble is that I’m a quandary as to the asking price? Anyone got any guidance as to the best approach to this question?

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    That is a good question. I actually did a corporate sponsored cross fit training that was 4 Saturdays. I charged 40.00 a person for the class, or 150.00 for all four sessions. I have seen the prices vary quite a bit though. I have seen them get as low as 25.00 per person for group class’s, and as high as 65.00. It really depends on if they are regularly scheduled, meaning are you planning on doing multiple sessions, or a pay as you go? Also, for the one on one, you have to look at your time vested. Your time and insight is highly valuable, so that comes at a premium in my mind. I would say that for one on one sessions going under 50.00 dollars an hour might be too low. Like I said, I have only done one of these, and it was at Texas Instruments in Dallas. They pretty much negotiated the rate with me and then rolled it out to the employees, so a standard was set. Best of luck and hope that this helps you. Sounds like a great

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    Thanks for the info, I managed to eventually work something out with the company that was good for both of us.
    I think that most personal trainers are in the dark as how to price for something that a company is willing to do for their employees, and its a good thing that we can have this type of forum to get info on all matters concerning personal training!


    I use to over that way wow how did you get the job at Texas Insterments? @taylor

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